Our Mission

To empower and provide the everyday woman with the resources and support to reach goals in both life and business.

About Us

Bossgal LLC is founded and operated by 4 driven best friends whom take pride in raising our families and supporting each other in reaching our goals. With 6 degrees and 11 children between us we know firsthand the balancing act of being both career-driven and family oriented.

Through our long-standing friendship, we have experienced the greatness that arises when strong women truly support each other. Envisioning this unwavering support on a grand scale and helping women break the barriers faced in reaching entrepreneurship is our focus.

By offering grants, classes, tools, networking opportunities, and support we are changing the narrative of the assertive, driven, and vocal woman into a positive image. WE are celebrating and reminding all woman that their abilities and dreams are limitless, changing the world One Bossgal at a time.


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